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No added shipping collected with options...

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I am having some big problems and wonder if this has been looked into or if anyone knows how to add this on...


I have products that have options the customer can add. For instance, I sell a 12 volt portable air conditioner for $39.95 with 4 options to choose from:


1) Igloo Family 25qt Cooler (+ $29.95)

2) AC / DC Converter (+ $24.95)

3) Portable Power Pack (+ $59.95)

4) PVC Air Flow Elbow (+ $3.95)


My problem is this, #1, 2 and 3 above add quit a bit of shipping for me to ship. #3 is really heavy and cost me the most. But at checkout, shipping is only added for the weight of the item itself so I am loosing a lot of money when my customers buy the extra options. Usually just break even and sometimes process that sale at a small loss.


How can I get extra shipping to be added to the options?




Published osC Contributions:

- eCheck Payment Module v3.1

- Reviews in Product Display v2.0

- Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v6.1

- Admin Notes / Customer Notes v2.2

- Customer Zip & State Validation v2.2

- Search Box with Dropdown Category Menu v1.0


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