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SECPay for Beginners

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I am very new to all this and I am not a web developer. Please be patient and help me out if you can.


I have installed Secpay payment module.

I have my secpay Merchant ID.

My SecPay config in Payment Modules:


Do you want to accept SECPay payments? True

Merchant ID: ******

Transaction Currency: Default Currency

Transaction Mode: Always Succesfull

Payment Zone: --none--

Set Order Status:Processing


I add something to my cart >Proceed to checkout > Enter Card Details > Authorise


Regardless of whether I use the secpay merchant ID or my supplied Merchant ID, i get the following


Credit Card Error!




Then checking my SecPay transaction details for the day I find that these transaction had been verified, sometimes with TEST or sometimes with a real Auth code.


I know I am supposed to alter the callback function somehow, but where and how still eludes me. I am still using the default SECPay Auth page and thought it best to leave those until I get the basic functionality working


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I have looked through the forums and the knowledge base but can not find any detailed "How to".

All the forums and knowlegde base assumes a certain level of knowledge.






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