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how do i disable https? and do i need it?

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hello, i need a small bit of info.


i was setting up my site and got https going and also installed Pwa (PURCHASE WITHOUT ACCOUNT) contrib, it seems to be their.


Now since im only accepting direct credit payment into my bank account, and im having trouble with the https ( im running shared ssl on i powerweb, seems to be a problem) is it easier to disable https, and if so how, iv only found threads on how to get it going.


im getting trouble getting to the end of checkout in https so i presume since no paypal or merchant account i dont really need it.


if i setup paypal, or is their better ones will i then have to enable https again.


thanxs (beating my head against a brick wall at the moment.)



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To disable ssl, find the following line in your includes/configure.php file:

define('ENABLE_SSL', true);

and change to

define('ENABLE_SSL', false);


Without ssl, your customer data is not protected. Some customers won't like this.



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