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Review Approval System Module

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Hi Everyone!

I have installed the latest version (June 2005) of the Review Approval System on two carts and the "Thank You for your review." page or message doesn't show up. After you click "Continue", it sends you back to the "product_review.php" page. It looks like you didn't enter anything, but the review does show up in the admin section.


I have looked around on the forum and haven't found anything. I would like to see if there's anything in the official thread for this module, but I can't find it.


Any thoughts?



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Hello Corinne. I am having the same problem and can't figure it out either. :( Did you ever get this to work on your site? I am installing this on a vanilla oscommerce (so there is no other contrib. that are messing it up) and still am having this problem. :(



I hope someone can help.





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