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Jos Medinger

Quantity Price Breaks & product options

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I'm trying to develop a system for puchasing items with printing on them (corporate goodies etc)


I've installed the Quantity Price Breaks per product contrib and this calculates the prices accurately for fixed numbers of goods


I also want to have a number of options with the product that add a *fixed* amount to the total.


e.g if they select an option of full colour, it adds $50 to the cart. If they add only the 2 colour option, it adds $25 to the cart.


At the moment, if I select an amount to add it does it *per item* meaning that it adds say $50 per item, rather than a one off of $50.


Can someone suggest how you get around this?






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i need the same thing too

i know this may be done if some1 programs the PRice Break contribution to have price breaks on attributes too with the product themselves.


Or another way to do is to have a calculate button on your product page info,


unfortunatley, i have not figured out how to make these and im not very efficient in writing codes and so i just hope someone else steps up PLZz lol


if anyone has other suggestions please feel free to PM me .





this is under construction ..and i hope it finishes soon

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