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Extra pages-info box w/ admin

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Just uploaded a oscommerce based store to web space using same files and database I used with all my other stores but keep getting the following error...




1146 - Table 'dropshi_osc1.TABLE_PAGES' doesn't exist


select pages_id, pages_title, pages_html_text, sort_order, status from TABLE_PAGES where status = 1 and pages_title = 'Index'





I have checked index.php with other index.php pages from the other sites using compare and merge software and they are all the same.


The mysql version on my local machine is mysql 3.23.55-nt and on my host 4.1.11-standard


My ISP is saying...



The problem is most likely caused by you taking a database with one version of mysql and putting on a server that has a different version of mysql.


However I have never had a problem with other stores when moving mysql 3.23.55-nt to 4.0.24-standard.



The only thing I can see thats different between the database on this server and the others is the version and a column called Collation showing latin1_swedish_ci .... this is not on the others databases...could this be the prob. The store works well localy on my desktop.



Thanks for your help

Malc :'(

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