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Fundamental Easy Populate Problem

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Can someone please enlighten me???


I've installed the Easy Populate contribution however it doesn't appear to be creating the tab delimited files?


Clicking on the 'create' links causes the page to refresh but it doesn't give any feedback that a file has been generated. Then clicking on the 'download' link causes the page to reload again but it is not bringing up a dialogue box to save a file.


Ftp'ing into the cart's temp directory shows there are no files in /catalog/temp/


Is this a known issue? I've used easy populate a couple of times before and never encountered this?



Appreciate your help.

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This is what EasyPopulate is doing now on my dev server. I haven't gone live with it yet partially because of this. The partial downloads work for me, you might want to try that. In a different post I just read about the same problem, Mibble I believe, thought that the database was timing out. Possibly because of a large database. His suggestion was to use the partial downloads and splice them together.


I know that isn't much help, but if you figure it out please post back.

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probably no one responds because this isnt seen very easily, you should be posting in the easypopulate support thread where people who know the contribution subscribe and get emails, as with all contributions there are people who subscribe and when a post is made, they know to go look.

so the next thing, is bumping, dont do that, against forum rules.

your question does not have enough info, have no idea about your structure, are you using /catalog for your store?

do you have $DOCUMENT_ROOT set for the document_root setting in the /catalog/admin/includes/configure.php file?


dont post back here, but instead at the end of the thread here:



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