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MVS and UPS Rate Accuracy

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Unless I've over looked some configuration setting within the MVS contribution, when cross checking UPS shipping charges with the UPS Web site, the MVS contribution charges 18,89 for UPS ground on 23 lbs instead of 13.59. For a 7 lb package, the MVS version charges 10.76 instead of 7.62. And an international shipment to the UK of a 49 lb printer shows 390.92 instead of 262.25.


What is really strange, under MVS, the weight is shown as 2 x 22.5 lbs instead of 1 x 45 lbs. When I switch back to the non MVS version, osCommerce calulates correctly in every UPS rate comparison which I've checked. And the same 45 lb printer is shown as 1 x 45 lbs.


I'm trying to compare apples to apples with these shipping quotes. Am I missing some setting that could be causing this difference?

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