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Paypal Contributions workaround

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After spending hours in this forum trying to figure out which PayPal contribution to go with (either stock or IPN) and how to configure them, I came up with a simple solution that guarantees you will not miss any orders, keeps the customer on your website, and still allows you to accept payments securely through Paypal. This is a very simplistic approach (almost braindead) but I thought I would post it here for those out there like me who are confused about what to do with Paypal.


Basically, I do not accept checks or money orders on my website. So, I downloaded moneyorder.php from includes/languages/english/modules/payment and made the following changes:







Where it says *** I included a message stating that we will contact you shortly requesting payment through Paypal. Please make payments to paypal@yoursite.com. This message is also sent in the email.


Since this is the original money order/check payment module, I get the order in pending as soon as the customer confirms. I wont lose the order because the customer never left.


Then, I log in to paypal and simply request a payment for the total.


It is a bit of extra work, but I felt that it was a very simple solution and has been working great for me. If you use the money order/check module as well, I am sure you can add another payment module to your store.


Hope this helps someone out. I would like to hear some feedback/potential problems that might arise. Thanks.

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If you install PaypalIPN or turn on "auto return" there should be no problem with Paypal payments.



I know that would work, but I wasnt sure what to enter as my return URL. I use the must agree to terms mod which made things a but confusing. Also, I had a problem with customers being returned to the login screen instead of the checkout_success page. This solution just seems easier for me.

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