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Category Image Display in main page?

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I'm looking for some particular new functionality and was wondering if a contribution that allows this already exists. I tried searching but couldn't find anything, so either it doesn't exist or I just couldn't find it. To rule out the second option I thought I'd better ask you, the experts.


I'm looking for something that allows the display of clickable category images centered on the main page (so in the index.php). Of course, not all categories would need to be displayed here, only the ones that would be configured to be displayed in this way.


The reason I would need this type of modification is because the products on my shop are categorized into mainly 2 main categories. So I'd like to display the category images for these 2 categories in the middle of my main page, kind of like a doorway with 2 options...


What do you think, exists already or should I start programming?


Appreciate all answers :)

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