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3 new Stores going live

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Why 3 at once, are these commercial projects you are working on?


For the AdImaginations store I don't like losing the side navigation when I get to Events - I end up using my browser back button instead of continuing smoothly through the site.


Will you be populating the categories more? If not, there are many catagories with just one image. It would be better if you consolidated them. Also, some of your subcategories are still just text - this is crazy for a photography site! Make sure all your subcategories have pictures associated with them.


Are more photographers coming? If not, take out the photographers drop down menu.


Hope this helps,


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We are finishing up 3 more OSCommerce store, please take a look and send your comments/criticisms.






Boot Corral


Coins one, when adding a product to cart popup warning about encrypted page but unencrypted data.


Photo one does not use SSL for My Account etc. the coin one does ???? (same for boots one)


Dont really like the photo one, just looks amateurish

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Adrienne - Thanks for your input, these are for clients and all have more work to be done, as for AdImaginations there are thousands of products to be added but we are working on training their staff at adding the products.


The Events is an add-on that they wanted for their promotions, but I agree on the navigation getting there and back is lacking, so I guess I'll need to look more into it.


I will be making them some images for the categories but I was kinda waiting for them to finalize categories before spending too much time designing.


And lastly they are planning on adding many photographers but there again it all comes back to that training issue. I really do appreciate your help and looking.



mikeq - Again thanks for looking at the sites, CoinWebstore is running SSL, the other 2 are not at this time because they are trying to get their items on the web but are looking to steer more business to their physical stores. We are preparing to move Boot Corral to a secure server.

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