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It's a shame this contribution seems to have come to a halt. I was thinking about using it on a new shop (im not using RC1) but, there seems to be little support but even more importantly http://cip.net.ua/ seems to have disappeared, meaning that we can not download contributions to use with this contribution. :(


I hope this gets working again soon, it really would be great.. if it works! :)


Has anyone heard from Vlad Savitsky in a while? :(


Vlad was a good man- he will be missed. From what I could gather, this contribution died because developers of contributions were to keen on packaging them up according to the CIP guidelines. Very similar to the whole code it and slap-an-interface-on-it mentality that we coders tend to have. My guess is if someone were willing to document the process for CIPs and ensure that current releases of major contributions had CIP's updated (and that links to these CIPs were available on the Contribution download page) that there would be some new life for this baby.


But now who would that person be? ;)

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I just tried to install v 2.2 and I got these errors


Couldn't find :
/* Begin Contrib_Installer_2.2 - installed by Contrib_Installer */

array('title' => TOOLS_FILES, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_FILE_MANAGER, 'selected_box=tools')))),
'image' => 'contrib_installer.png',
'href' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_CIP_MANAGER, 'selected_box=contrib_installer'),
'children' =>
'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_CIP_MANAGER, 'selected_box=contrib_installer')
'link' =>tep_href_link(FILENAME_CIP_MANAGER, 'action=upload&goto='.DIR_FS_CIP)
array('title' =>'CIP.NET.UA', 'link' => tep_href_link('http://cip.net.ua/')),
array('title' =>BOX_CONTRIB_INSTALLER_SEARCH_CIP, 'link' => tep_href_link('http://cip.net.ua/catalog/admin/cip_manager.php')),

/* End Contrib_Installer_2.2 - installed by Contrib_Installer */

in the file: /home/adrian/public_html/shop/admin/index.php
<findreplace> #1 


Can someone please help me with this?

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I'm no longer maintain this contrib.

Why? I'm using a Drupal to build my sites. Drupal has a 2 cart-modules (Ubercart and Ecommerce). So... it doesn't have a problem with e-shops...


osCommerce has very bad architecture and sites build with it has a big cost to maintain...

With Drupal I can build site within 2 days! OsCommerce takes a few monthes...


Ask Imrich Schindler for support this contrib. He wrote a big part of code for Contrib Installer.


Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

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could you help me to install contrib installer I read the text readme in the package2.2 but I did not understand well how to install it in my shop



How to Install Contrib Installer



Require clean osCommerce code:

Contrib Installer designed for work with fresh osCommerce code.

Without any changes of code and database.

So if you have a hard modded shop you can use Contrib Installer

but you should do some work to get it working.

Because all Contrib Installer Packages written for code that was not modified.


Contrib Installer install yourself.


You should only:

- copy Contrib Installer's files to right place and

- open in browser link: http://<your site="">/admin/contrib_installer.php


On this page you could choose a folder where contribs will be stored.

Change this folder if you want.


Press "+Install" and Contrib Installer will install yourself.


You don't see any error-messages at the top of page?

It means that self-installation made successfully.

In this case you should see a list of contribs in folder that you have choosen before.


Great! Now you can upload a contribs and install/remove them.


If you have had an errors:

- read it,

- do nessesary changes,

- try again install Contrib Installer or

- visit cip.net.ua for support and help


God bless you!

Vlad Savitsky

Edited by Jan Zonjee

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I try to install contrib and have:


faq_1_2_3.zip Success: File upload saved successfully.

Couldn't unpack faq_1_2_3.zip to read data about CIP.

faq_1_2_3.zip was removed.


Whats wrong?

Contrib folder exists and has 777

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