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No paypal payment confirmation = no order saved.

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From what customers told me in the beginning (i've never tried it) paying through paypal should give them a link to come back to the store and confirm the order (final confirmation) and it will save it.


Well, after my customers go to paypal, they do not get an option to come back, and therefore no order confirmation. This has been going on for more than a year now and i am tired of telling them to use money order as the option and make a note of why. :-" It's the only way it will confirm the order for some. Others (occasionally) find a way to confirm the order somehow apperantly.


Is there a fix for confirming before you go to paypal?


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I had the same problem, forget PayPal IPN as it doesn`t work very well with PayPal!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I installed Held Order module instead and just use the normal PayPal


Held Order



So no matter what payment method goes wronge I will still know what the customer had in their cart up-on leaving to pay.





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