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Easy Populate won't write to database!!?

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Ok I installed easypopulate v.2.76b and went to my admin section to upload the file. Well, first I downloaded my entire catalog file, then edited it, saved it and FTP'd via my web based control panel. Then in easypopulate, I type in the name in the Import from temp file text box, hit upload and VOILA!! says the name of some random file in my temp dir.


Ok, so I go to the catalog in my store, and nothings been updated....NO CHANGE!!


Any help appreciated, I'm totally in the dark.



Installed Modules:

Dynamenu, InfoBox Admin, Master Products v.1.2, Header Tags Controller, Multiple Products Manager, Quick Edit in Admin, Secure Admin, Ultimate SEO URL's, EZ Secure Order, Easy Populate v.2.76d MS2, AuthorizeNet_AIM, ChangeFinal Breadcrumb Title, FedEx Labels, Fedex Direct 2.06, How Did you Hear 1.5, Login a la Amazon, UPS XML 1.2.4, USPS Labels, USPS Methods API MS2

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