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!!!PLEASE REFRAIN from posting HELP !!!

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You don't need to tell us you need help, if you didn't need it, you wouldn't be posting ;)


Following this simple rule, you will get faster and more accurate responses. :thumbsup:


Why ?

Not everyone wants to dive into every thread to see if they could possibly help, but rather scan the list for threads where one might add value or provide the answer ...


I do not use the responsive bootstrap version since i coded my responsive version earlier, but i have bought every 28d of code package to support burts effort and keep this forum alive (albeit more like on life support).

So if you are still here ? What are you waiting for ?!


Find the most frequent unique errors to fix:

grep "PHP" php_error_log.txt | sed "s/^.* PHP/PHP/g" |grep "line" |sort | uniq -c | sort -r > counterrors.txt

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* BUMP *


And worth a cross-post too.



"Buy the ticket, take the ride..." -HST

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