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UPS configuration

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Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if this is possible. I searched the contributions and could not find anything that could do the following. Is this possible and if so any help direction on how to get started.


I have a client who needs the following for UPS shipping:


The ability to eliminate UPS ground as an option for zones 2 & 3 within the US and leave it available for zone 1. I saw a contribution that allows to select the shipping methods and this could partially solve the problem.


For instance if a customer orders an item it needs to be shipped 3 day select in zones 2 & 3 but ground will work for zone 1. This sounds like a complicated problem but I was thinking that perhaps the UPS contribution for selecting shipping methods could be copied and used to provide ground for zone 1 states or somehow have a listing of states where ground would be acceptable only.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.







John Cannon

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