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Thumbnailer problem

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Hi folks,


Would anyone happen to know where to define path settings for the auto thumbnailer.


I am seeing a whole buch of errors showing in my logfile


chmod: changing permissions of `/home/XXXXX/public_html//images/imagecache': Operation not permitted


Note the double slashes.


The thumbnailer works perfect but I guess generating this error everytime a image is generated isn't very good.


Thanks in advance.



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My suggestion would be to use this one instead. Much better contrution IMHO



Samuel Mateo, Jr.

osC 2.2 MS2

Installed Mods:

WYSIWYG HTMLArea 1.7 | Basic Template System 1.0 | osC-Affiliate | OSC-SupportTicket

Featured Products 1.3 | LoginBox 5.2 | LatestNews 1.1.3 | Extras for IE

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