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Why is $free_shipping false in checkout_shipping?

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I'm confused. Does OSC 2.2 have built-in support for free shipping if over a minimum amount? I have the freeamount contrib installed which seems to be working ok. checkout_shipping.php is bypassing a section for free shipping when the free shipping minimum has been satisfied.


The section checkout_shipping.php has


// load all enabled shipping modules
 require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'shipping.php');
 $shipping_modules = new shipping;

   $pass = false;

   $free_shipping = false;
   if ( ($pass == true) && ($order->info['total'] >= MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER) ) {
     $free_shipping = true;

     include(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php');
 } else {
   $free_shipping = false;  



The problem statement is



which is always evaluating false. So $free_shipping can never get set to true, even though ($order->info['total'] >= MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER). So the html section for $free_shipping is not displayed.


As I said, I have freeamount installed which does display it's free shipping info, but how do the above constants get defined with a default osc install?

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