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Free shipping per product 1.0

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Has anyone tried out the Free Shipping Per Product 1.0 Contribution? The support forum for it is in German, so I'm unable to post in it. Here's the link for it:


Contribution Link


I tested it out with one product, and once the product was marked as a "free shipping" item, it worked fine. However, if you add a product that's not a "free shipping" item, the total cost for shipping is based on BOTH products, not just the one that's not free...


Just wondering if there's a workaround for this. I'm trying to mimic the free shipping style for certain items similar to Amazon.com. Thanks.

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Anyone? :)


Not sure if this helps, but I am having a similar problem and I thought that we might figure it out together. The problem I am having is that when a "free shipping" product and a "non-shippable" (ie downloadable) product are together in the cart, it is calculating the shipping and requesting the user to choose the shipping method.


There are problems in the code which I am trying to figure out, but I realized that my package tare weight is what is actually being calculated. So... it isn't actually calculating the shipping on the products which are considered "free shipping", but because they have to be shipped, it goes through the calculations anyway. For weight, it is ignoring the products weight (as it should), but it is using the tare weight (as defined in the Configuration->Shipping/Packaging section of your admin)


I'm still working on this... if you have already reached a solution please let me know :)

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