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Admin Session Timeout

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Hi geeks! Great contrib, anyone know how to make the admin session last longer before it times out and you have to login again?


Many thanks,



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In admin/functions/sessions.php up at the top:


if (STORE_SESSIONS == 'mysql') {

if (!$SESS_LIFE = get_cfg_var('session.gc_maxlifetime')) {

$SESS_LIFE = 86400; // was 1440 (24 minutes)



Note that I've got 86400 where the default was 1440. These are seconds. How many seconds do you want.


Also note that this oddly works on one of my shops and not another. And both are on the same server.


Of course you could increase all your php sessions in php.ini as well if you know how to do that and if you have the right to do that but then you have to be more careful as that effects the whole server performance.

I have moved on from oscommerce to magento and no longer monitoring this site.

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