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Quick (Price) Update using Gross

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Hi guys,


I have just installed the Quick Update contribution, evolved from the Quick Price Update, and quite frankly it is brilliant. It will save me hours. Many thanks again to anyone who has inputted to this particular contibution.


The only problem I have is that, being from the UK, I need to work on prices including tax as opposed to excluding tax. ie, gross price as opposed to net.


I have scoured the forum and most threads related to these contributions ends with somebody asking the same question - can it be used with gross prices - and no answers.


Therefore, I am guessing that I am going to have to look into it myself!! :'(


As my coding skills are limited, to say the least, I just thought I would post in the vain hope that somebody has already managed this.


If not, Ill give it a try......


Stoke me a clipper, Ill be back for x-mas!




Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow......

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