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Orders not showing or updating will pay for help

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I will pay someone to fix this. Please.


People can place orders.


Money goes through to paypal and nochex.


I look in my orders section and it says 1 processing... so I go to look at what that order is and there are no orders.


Its stuck on 1 processing.


I then find out via paypal and nochex that I have orders waiting but they dont show up in my orders total or list.


Im sorry if Im not making sense but I have been waiting 7 weeks for this to be fixed and each time I think its fixed it is still broken.


I am not a rich woman but I am willing to pay if someone can just fix it for me.

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Is the transaction recorded in the database (mysql)?

How and what does Paypal and Nochex notify you about the orders?

After waiting 7 weeks with no results, and if you haven?t recorded any sales transactions, you may consider a new install (it?s useless in it?s current state). And you may not have any data to worry about losing.



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