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CC - I think I just TOTALLY Messed Up

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Ok... I just configured my site. I didn't realize that I had the Credit Card Module selected and I had someone order and pay with it. It isn't the Authorize.net or whatever.. it's the actual Credit Card Module...


SO... NOW what do I do? Can I fix it? So I just find a processor to process it? Where? Who? I'm freaking a little.. I guess I could just tell them the mistake, but my question is.. has the payment been sent somewhere??


Please help... I'm such a newbie. :blush:

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If their payment was submitted under the cc.php payment method, it would not have been processed, nor would the payment have been sent anywhere for processing. The credit card number, depending on how you've set up your store, is either:


1. Sitting in your database for retrieval; or


2. Split in two with part of the number being sent to the store owner via Email, and the other half showing on the customer order.


(The latter is an option which you would have specified when setting up the cc.php payment module.)


When I used a payment processor, it took a few days for the account to be set up so I could accept credit card payments. I don't know whether it's still the same as it's been a long time since I had a payment gateway handle that part of the order process for me. Maybe someone here will have some suggestions for you on how to finalize the order.





Terry Kluytmans


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Thanks! I think it would be the easiest to just admit to the customer that I'm a dingbat. LOL!! :-"


I'm going to set up the Authorize.net module I think and then she could probably resubmit or just pay me thru PayPal (Which would be my choice 99.9% of the time since I have 2 paypal accounts and have NEVER had any problems with them... not sure why some are so leary of using it. but, to each their own.)

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