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2checkout Module Not Passing Currency Correctly

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Greets all,


With all the problems with 2checkout lately, this may be a bit redundant, but here goes.


My shop primary currency is Cdn. funds, and using the new mod please the 2checkout folks..this is what I'm experiancing.


First of all, it's passing the payment to 2checkout, converting it as if myprimary currency was US, but still calling it Cdn. Example....37 dollars Cdn on my site....gets passed on to 45 dollars Cdn on the 2checkout site. I hit the little flag at the top to goto US funds (which would be silly for customers to have to do, and would be taking money away from me big time) and it shows 37 dollars US.


In other words, somethings not getting passed along.


Also, did a test payment, and got a pleasant email from 2checkout :

We attempted to create the following product but couldn't find all the

required paramters.


The following paramters are required for product creation:






For this product: c_prod_0 = Tanic 830 2s

We did NOT receive a name, it should have been sent as c_name_0

We did NOT receive a description, it should have been sent as c_description_0

We did NOT receive a price, it should have been sent as c_price_0


This is getting quite painful......



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