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Xsell, Master Products, or Bundled Products

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Presently I sell tiny little down pillows...I also sell bedspreads and sheet sets which need pillows. With QTPRO I have added the pillows as a pull-down option so that a customer can add pillows if they want. However when I add stock I have to add 1 sheet set with pillows and 1 sheet set without pillows, when I really only have 1 sheet set.....That?s the first problem, the second problem is:

Lets say I have one sheet set and 3 pillows (or 1 double set of pillows = 2 pillows and 1 twin pillow = 1 pillow, total 3 pillows)

So I sell one double sheet set with a double set of pillows, but after that I sell another double sheet set, but I have only 1 pillow left....oscommerce doesn?t know this because it doesn?t track the attributes like that....

So what I would like is something that can do these two things giving me a more realistic inventory count and I am not sure which one of these contributions will accomplish this....If you have any thought or comments on that I would surely love to hear what your recommendation might be.

Teresa :blush:

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