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does anything work with OSC????

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seems like nothing works.. i have payflow link and get the same damn error everyone else does... looks like its time to go get the "paid" cart elsewhere...

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No, of course with osCommerce nothing works.

It will only work for people who put some time and work in one of the most flexible and FREE shopping carts there is.


But you made a great impression with your very first post to this community of thousands and thousands of osCommerce users and shops.


Keep it up and go and spend your money on the commercial shop/designers,

and if you have nothing to contribute of really ask, go to bed and dream about what you could have created with osCommerce in a month or so.



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Before working with ocs - i had paied more than 500 us $ - and purchased a couple of shopping carts -


all of them come down my server after no more than 4 to 6 months.


i than installed ocs - and i'm not php expert - but learn that with ocs you can do whatever you like and how you like -


i would not recomend anybody to buy a commercial cart - if ocs can be used - to get you on the move - -


i find ocs - far better than the us 300 $ cart i had in the past -


- everything work in ocs - patiente and wish to learn is the key factor - - everything works even better if you know how to handle php codes - and customise whatever you like how you like - to accomodate your own needs!


there is a whole world behind ocs - and this is a great community - with lots of expertise - and ready to push ocs further and further into the future - thank to all who are contribute to ocs - it is very much appreciated !



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Come on you guys. Does this guy really deserve that many answers?

Please MOD, just delete the thread and levave the DB space for something useful. ;)



Edited by zipper

"Those who say it can't be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it."

I will not always answer quick since I have alot of work at the moment.

My Contributions:

** Control New Products Mod

** Contact Alert Mod

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