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Is setting a column to both primary and Index

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Hi Chemo and others


I just realised I posted this on the Old support thread for this contribution - so forgive me if you read it twice


Installed this today and 2 things spring to mind


1) On viewing the new cache table there is a message in phpMyAdmin


PRIMARY and INDEX keys should not both be set for column `cache_id`


Have I installed incorrectly - or is this as expected and does it cause any problems with the indexing ?


2) The install instructions from a standing start are very good and clear - The ony one I had a little trouble with was .htaccess - I have installed in my test site initially and the catalog directory is in /home/****/public_html/shoptest/catalog - does this mean the correct entry for .htaccess in the rewritebase is

RewriteBase /shoptest/catalog/ or is it still /catalog/ because my .htaccess is located in shoptest ?



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