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PayPal's cetificate has expired?

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I'm busy testing orders go through ok on my second osCommerce site and I've been presented with a bizzare message when you are about to be passed to PayPal's website.


"secure.paypal.com" is a site that uses a security certificate to encrypt data during transmission, but its certificate expired on 15/10/2004 00:59.


You should check to make sure that your computer's time (currently set to Friday, March 11, 2005 15:55:44) is correct.


Would you like to continue anyway?


View Certificate


OK  Cancel  Help


I don't have any additional payment modules installed.

This didn't happen when I set up my first site so I checked that one thinking I must have changed something with this one. However, when I went through the checkout procedure one my first site that gave me the same message.


Anyone else getting this message today or is it just me?

If it's just me, any ideas?

Jonathan Cole


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