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javascript error in IE 6 but not in firefox 1.0

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i am little bit of confused - installed the contrib today and it works fine - just at the address_book_process.php page when changing to anohter country with provinces there is this enoying javascript error saying: can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus. - error is at line 144.


somewhere here


if ($error == false) {


$sql_data_array = array('entry_firstname' => $firstname,

'entry_lastname' => $lastname,

'entry_street_address' => $street_address,

'entry_postcode' => $postcode,

'entry_city' => $city,

'entry_country_id' => (int)$country);


if (ACCOUNT_GENDER == 'true') $sql_data_array['entry_gender'] = $gender;

if (ACCOUNT_COMPANY == 'true') $sql_data_array['entry_company'] = $company;

if (ACCOUNT_SUBURB == 'true') $sql_data_array['entry_suburb'] = $suburb;

if (ACCOUNT_STATE == 'true') {

if ($zone_id > 0) {

$sql_data_array['entry_zone_id'] = (int)$zone_id;

$sql_data_array['entry_state'] = '';

} else {

$sql_data_array['entry_zone_id'] = '0';

$sql_data_array['entry_state'] = $state;





THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THAT - in firefox 1.0 no error is detected by the javascript console.


error doesnt jump up when chaning to a country without provinces




the contribution is really great !!!!


thanx for any help



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