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Authorize.net response reason text truncated

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Payment Module: Authorize.net



Where there is a problem with a credit card transaction, an error gets displayed beneath the navigation bar in white text on a red background. The problem is that the error message is truncated so you cannot read the reason for the problem. (see the following example.)


There was an error processing your credit card (39): The supplied currency code is either invalid


The problem is with this section of the code

  else if($x_response_code == '3') {
	 tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . urlencode('There was an error processing your credit card ') . urlencode('(') . urlencode("$x_response_reason_code") . urlencode('): ') . urlencode("$x_response_reason_text"), 'SSL', true, false));


1.Does anyone know how to prevent the truncation of the error message?

2.Can anyone help me with how to send an email address to the store owner with the details of the error. (I'm not a programmer).?


Thanks in advance for any help :D


Contribution details

Contribution number 2184, by Matt Williams

Authorizenet Consolidated v1.7b.zip

Authorize.Net Consolidated 1.7 with Curl Fix, 1.7b

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