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Free shipping after certain amount, tax question

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Ok, when someone orders 25.00 or more, they get free shipping. That works great, but i have a problem.....


Lets say a item is 23.99, its not free shipping. Add 6% tax, 25.43 and its throwing it into free shipping mode.


The only way it don't do this is when i say its not a taxable good, then it don't charge tax, lol.



Is there a contribution or something that charge's tax for the product and shipping (yes, your suppose to charge tax for shipping too in Michigan) at the end before they click Confirm?


OR any suggestions.



Thanks for your help



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I think you just need to change the order it adds it up in, so it adds the tax after its added the shipping...


Go into admin, go to modules, go to Order total and change the sort order to


1 Sub-Total

2 Shipping

3 Tax

4 Total

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