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Multi-vendor & Multi-zone

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I'm in need of a multi-vendor and multi-zone shipping module which can be used with both weight, quantity or pricing.


If anyone already has this going or if anyone has any information on how I can get this going please let me know.







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I would like to do the same thing! If anyone knows of such an option, it would be GREAT! :D


I only have 2 Zones to ship to, so it would be only two different Shipping Tables based on the country of origin for each customer.


- Chris B.



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Hi there. I am new to this. I have set up a oscommerce site. I am trying to set up my shipping rates but am having a lot of dicculty as to what I need to so here.


Quesion one.

I want to be able to ship up to a certain weight for a set amount.

i.e say 50kgs for 10 euro. Then if it goes over 50 kilos charge a percentage for every 10 kilos over that amount. I see the option in the admin panel but am not sure how that works.


Question 2.

I want to be able to set up different zones for shipping.


i.e. Zones for Ireland, UK, Europe, and rest of world.

So it would be 10 euro to ship a >50kgs unit to Ireland.

15 euro to ships a <50 >75kgs unit to UK.

25 euro to ship unit to Europe


Etc Etc.


Can oscommerce do this and if so can somebody , please, please, please let me know how.





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