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Just a few things to do and stocking up

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I personally didn't find the site appealing. If I came across the site in a search, I would move on to the next oine in the listing.


I am not one to criticize without suggestions.


The first thing I didn't like was the text. The text you are using turned me off immediately. That light pink/purple above your blocks is a faded color and doesn't look professional at all.


Centering the shop would certainly help as well.


I agree with the header comments made as well.


I personally don't like the color scheme either. Colors though will vary in opinion by the user. Some will like them, some won't.


In total, your site likes very stock. Stock means that there is nothing special to differentiate your site from the next.


When looking for honest opinions, we need to expect to get bad and good. The good should mean nothing. Its the negative comments we need to pay attention too. If one person finds something they don't like, it will often be something that others won't like as well.

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Hello All


I last asked for feed back around 4-5mts ago but have redesigned the store due to two reason 1, my first go as some here would remember was load and rubbish 2, i took most of the comments to heart and made it a bit boring.


As i sell baby clothing i really needed it to be colourful and fun, so i took all the first design fun bit and the second boring bit and mixed them up and came up with this.


I still have a few more pages to add so some of the links will not work, but i would love to know what people feel about the general feel of the site and if you would trust buying from me?


My Webpage


If anything stands out like a sore thumb pls let me know, and to end this long trip again a big thanks to all thats has helped me over the past 8 mts or so and a special thank to mike for the nav bar and cat header images and a few others who has help me just that little bit more..


Kind regards and good luck all.....

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It's really made some good progress. At first look, you need to change the color of your breadcrumbs and Cart Contents | Checkout as these are hard to read.

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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Thanks ryan


Was going to change the color of the text in the breadcrumbs just plain forgot, thanks for the feedback, i can remember you giving me feed back the first two times so you can recall how bad then how boring the first two tries was.


Kind regards

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I think a very light background color to your columns would help delineate the pages better. Your index page seems a bit too text-heavy for comfort.

The text you do have is clearly SE-targetted and does nothing for potential shoppers. Be careful - you could get reported for trying to spamdex with the word "baby" or "babies"


Eg this:

"You can save money and time shopping here buying your girls clothing, boys clothing and baby shoes."


What does this mean? At best it is meaningless babble, at worst it is SE spam fodder.



Don't tell me what you sell - Your images should make that clear - tell me WHY I should spend time looking round your store. What offers do you have? Do you have cheap shipping? Do you have any unique products? What can you give me that the competitors can't?


So many people waste the valuable real estate on their homepage, it is enough to make me cry. :-)



Some of your images are clearly distorted.


Your privacy information is borderline inadequate. Do you use SSL? What about cookies?


The text "babies clothing and footwear" in your header is grammatically incorrect. This implies you are selling babies. I would suggest "baby clothing and footwear" or similar.




Shoes gift sets: stunning baby shoes gift sets


I would never ever use the adjective "stunning" in relation to any baby product.




Pages like "baby_advice" are a good idea, but you have just made them boring, and therefore of little value and just more SE fodder.

If this is your intention, fair enough - if not, try to spice them up a bit with bigger font headers, more use of colors, bold text etc.




Oh, your "create account" page is a bit of a nightmare, too.


How did you hear about us. Why is this mandatory? Bad move IMO. I would resent having to give free marketing info for nothing in return, but that's just me.


Then you have options for create an account or not. Hmmm - I'd like to know exactly what the difference is here - are you storing less information about me if I choose not to create an account (I bet you're not!)

This could be clarified on your privacy policy page maybe?


The purple color font on those orange-y headers doesn't quite work.



I think it's coming along - I see you finally managed to get it centered!

Still needs fine tuning though


Good luck

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Thanks SC


Hard but fair as alway i see : )


You are correct about the baby advice its more for the SE but i will spice it up a little, it could be for both customer and SEO.


Thank you for the hint about the content bit, i will ad more so people are not hoping my site is better than other, i will inform them it is : ).


Sometimes its a fine line between good SEO and spamming but will take a closer look so i dont get blackballed.


the purple font was jut a shot in the dark i will try others.


i know the create account is a bit of a mare but i really need to know where my customers are coming from so i can concentrate on where i need to get clicks from.



Thanks again ( you are worth your weight in gold )


Kind regards

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