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Product Info Description No Carriage Returns

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Hi All


I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I?m this close to finishing my oscommerce web site.


When I click on a product and it goes to the product info screen. I have no carriage returns and everything is one big long sentence. Very messy and hard to read.


Also the products look fine in the admin section when adding them, it's when i go to preview or look at a product as a customer it looses it's formatting.

If i go back to edit the product all it's formatting still ok. only in preview and in product info is where the problem is.


I have a few mods installed, one of these may be causing the problem. I'm suspecting its 7dana.com-osClite theme mod.


Other mods I have are Big Images, Easy Populate, Header Tags Controller 2.3.9, and Group Discount.


My web page address is http://www.up2date.net.au


Please have a look click on any product you'll see the problem.


Any help will be much appreciated



Scott Harris

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