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Yeah great forum...

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That's not true. There have been responses to some of your posts, about 50/50 from a quick glance. As for why the others go unanswered, there may be a number of reasons:


- You post your question about a particular contribution but not in the proper support thread (PayPal_IPN for example)


- You reply to your own post, several times. When someone looks at an entry in the list of questions, see that you posted the questions, you were the last one to respond and there were three entries in that thread, the assumption is that it is handled. In truth, all three entries are usually yours.


- It could be that no one knows the answer or it is not easily answered. Some of your questions I just looked at are specific to your shop. Unless someone has had the same problem, they would only be guessing at a solution and that probably would not help you.



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