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Any Successful Forums Integrations?

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Hello all,


I am now to the point where I would like to integrate a Forum, Bulletin Board, Message Board - whatever you'd like to call it (just not my little guestbook) onto my site.


My only options are for the "open-source" or "free" systems, such as phpbb...And I have heard great things about that particular system...However, when I read through the Contributions Support forum - I see a LOT of error and problem threads...


I even went over to phpbb website and looked through their forums for the same type of thread, and unfortunately see the same thing...


Is there anyone out there who has been able to successfully integrate an open-source/free system into their osc-site?


If so, please help to point me in the right direction.


Many thanks.

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i have managed to install phpbb contribution .. merged with already registered customers .. everything works .. but i disabled it, cause at phpbb.com they say we should imediatelly upgrade to 2.11 (several hacks problems) .. there is no contribution for upgrading.


The version in contribution is 2.08, so untill there is no upgrade contribution to 2.11 i'm not using it .. but would also love to have a forum :blush:

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We tried the same as Gregory, until we saw the phpbb upgrade recommandation.

I were unable to find an upgrade and I gave up on upgrading the existing forum integration module. In stead I developed a simple module to integrate osCommerce with a phpBB 2.0.11 installation.


Find the module here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2935


More information and demo: http://www.osmodules.com/catalog/product_i...?products_id=31


Still only version 1.0, so be carefull...

Edited by JakobHK

Best regards

Jakob Høy Biegel


Shopeon.com - Automate your webshop

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I'm about ready to install phpbb 2.0.11 on my site, and your contribution as well. But I have a couple questions.


In your instructions it says to install the forum in a directory with the same parent dir as the /catalog/ directory. But I my osc website is installed in my Root directory (no /catalog folder). So will this cause a problem with your contribution?


So my structure would look like this:


  osc files
      phpbb files


Will this work? I'm thinking it would but I'd just need to edit a couple of the files in your contribution to make it work. Right? :)


Second question: The instructions don't mention if you can use a SECOND database for the forum, or if you should use your existing osc database for the forum also. I'd like to use a seperate database for the forum if possible but not sure if this will work with your contribution.


Thanks, -Chris.

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