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Well Advertising: Just word of mouth, and I printed some T-Shirts (cost of T-Shirt 1.25, heat transfer 1.00, plus work total 3:00 each. Give them alway between your family friends, etc, let them walk the Mall, Shopping Centers, Schools etc. and you be surprise.


Remember you can put a Ad in hte newpaper, Yahoo, Google, etc. that cost you a lot I had try all those even in newspaper, last week I spended $500.00 on newspaper Ad, no return on investment at all. With that kind of money I could have made 166 walking Ad T-Shirts. Remember the best Ad you can have is a walking Ad, on a T-Shirt remember people love freebies especially T's. Just put your URL (www.yourdomain.com) that it.


So go head and make 2 dozen T's and give them away and sales will be great.


Just check my Store, sales are great, visit HERE


I have not finish yet.

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