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Frees Shipping not working

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Hi. I have set up a coupon that offers free shipping. I set it up that way in the coupon admin. It is not working. It looks like it is working, and the total is showing up without shipping, but it is charging the customer's charge card with shipping. i am using an EFS payment module. My Order Total Module is set to


Subtotal 1


Shipping 2


Tax 3


Discount Coupons 740


Gift Voucheers 9


Total 900


This passes the correct value to Paypal but not to EFS. Here is the EFS Module. Thanks.


$form_data = array(




ApplicationID => 'EFSNet OSCommerce v1.1.0',

ReferenceNumber => $customer_id,

TransactionAmount => number_format($order->info['total'], 2),

SalesTaxAmount => number_format($order->info['tax'], 2),

AccountNumber => $_POST['efsnet_cc_number'],

ExpirationMonth => $_POST['efsnet_cc_expires_month'],

ExpirationYear => $_POST['efsnet_cc_expires_year'],

BillingName => urlencode($_POST['efsnet_cc_owner']),

BillingAddress => $order->customer['street_address'],

BillingCity => $order->customer['city'],

BillingState => $order->customer['state'],

BillingPostalCode => $order->customer['postcode'],

BillingCountry => $order->customer['country']['title'],

BillingPhone => $order->customer['telephone'],

BillingEmail => $order->customer['email_address'],

ShippingName => urlencode($order->delivery['firstname']." ".$order->delivery['lastname']),

ShippingAddress => $order->delivery['street_address'],

ShippingCity => $order->delivery['city'],

ShippingState => $order->delivery['state'],

ShippingPostalCode => $order->delivery['postcode'],

ShippingCountry => $order->delivery['country']['title'],

ClientIPAddress => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']



Many Thanks.

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