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setting up payment system with authorize.net

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I setup an account with authorize.net, and put in the information in the admin(transaction key, username, etc.). I placed a test order and received confirmation emails from authorize.net and email from my site confirming the order.


My question is what is with the authorize.net1.7, controller, ssl, etc. Do I need to do anything other than put the trans key and user in the admin setup????????


Please help!

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I am looking at the contribution authorize.net1.7 and it says


This contribution at the time of this writing seems to work without incident with all versions of OsCommerce to date. You need to:

       *          Be running OsCommerce.
       *          Have access to cURL, either compiled into your flavour of PHP, or as a binary (curl.exe) which you can point this contribution to.
       *          Be running SSL with the latest certificates.


I don't know what it means by cURL? I think my web host already runs shared SSL with the latest certificates

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