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Problems with $shipping_weight variable

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Hi for everyboy...


First of all, sorry by the bad english, i'm a brazilian.


Ok, i'm just doing my own shipping module that use SEDEX website and script to calculate de price of shipping, it is almost ready, but i'm just having problems with de $shipping_weight variable.


I saw in others modules that this variable is that contains the total weight of the order. But, when i try to use this variable, this no exists, or have a NULL value.


When i try others ways, like $cart->show_weight() I have another problem. I can see this message:


Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/starbuy/public_html.....


Someone can healp me? This is the last thing i have so resolve to make my module done.


Thanx a lot !!!

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