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$bestsellersbox not working on index.php page?

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This post is regards to the STS contribution by Brian Gallager.

First of all: STS's readme file says that the $specialfriendbox will display either the Specials Box or the Tell A Friend Box (depending on page viewed). Interestingly, so will the $bestseller Box display the Product Notification Box on certain pages! This is not noted in the readme file.


Now, I made a couple of different templates for viewing different categories, and placed them all in the includes/sts_templates directory. I find that the $bestseller box will not be displayed at all on an index.php page if we're showing a particluar category/sub-category. In other words it will only show best seller information on an index.php page if the index.php page requested is exactly that: the home page itself. Any ideas where to fix this?

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