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Simple Admin Access Control

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ive got this working perfectly in firefox and chrome, using :

($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN . "orders.php") &&


but in IE8, its not applying any kind of security, allows the login access to all?


if i use the original

($PHP_SELF != DIR_WS_ADMIN . "orders.php") &&


it doesnt allow the login to access anything at all?


full code below:

if ( ($PHP_AUTH_USER=='admin1') || ($PHP_AUTH_USER=='admin2') ||
   ($_SERVER[REMOTE_USER]==admin1) || ($_SERVER[REMOTE_USER]==admin2) )
  } else {
  if ( ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "orders.php") &&
	   ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "invoice.php") &&
 ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "index.php") &&
  ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "login.php") &&
	   ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "packing_slip.php") &&
	   ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "customers.php") )
	{ die("<br><br><center>You are not authorized to view this page.\n\n</center>"); }

shame as it looks to be quite useful and should be fairly simple

going to try in IE9 next see how it behaves

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Hopefully I can help you understand why you are getting the inconsistencies between $PHP_SELF and $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], $PHP_AUTH_USER and $_SERVER[REMOTE_USER], etc.


Basically, as I understand it, $PHP_SELF is the old (deprecated) method that required Register-Globals on and most hosing companies wouldn't turn it on anyway. $_SERVER seems to be the way forward and doesn't require any special server settings.


See here for the full explanation:




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As the last post in this thread was 2013, is there an updated, working version of this (allegedly) simple access control script please?

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