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Paypal ipn

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I have installed paypal ipn so that I can pass my total amount to paypal but this is still not working. Not totally sure about configuration. Is it necessary to do the private key/publis certificate stuff if you have not enabled encrytion? Is how do I do this. These are my configuration settings, can you tell me where I an going wrong?


PayPal IPN


Enable PayPal IPN Module



E-Mail Address

my paypal account email address


Transaction Currency

Only GBP


Payment Zone



Set Preparing Order Status



Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status



Gateway Server



Transaction Type



Page Style



Debug E-Mail Address



Sort order of display.



Enable Encrypted Web Payments



Your Private Key



Your Public Certificate



PayPals Public Certificate



Your PayPal Public Certificate ID



Working Directory



OpenSSL Location


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I think you need to go to this thread (unless you're talking about another PaPal IPN module):



B.t.w. if you're having trouble to pass the total amount inc tax, that seems to be normal PayPal behaviour (shows tax after login only). But there is a possible workaround.


Anyhow, it's better to continue at the official support thread

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