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I have modified the the contribution called Batch Order Center and Im after a few people to test the modifications.


My new version allows you to print orders,invoices,packaging slips, christmas cards, Sticky Labels, Letterheads and probably lots of other stuff in bulk to PDF. Print to envelopes, A4,A5 , letter .. you name it. I have already done 6 or so sample templates. There is even a template which combines packing and invoice to create 2 pages for every order you print.


The way it works is you choose from a list of templates what type of pdf to create.

Then you choose by invoice number, a list of numbers, a range of numbers, or between 2 dates using spiffycal popup calenders.

You choose if you want to limit orders to those with a certain status or not.

Set whether to update the status of selected orders to a new status.

Once you have those things set you click send and it creates 1 pdf with all the orders you wanted ready for printing.


The templates are a combination of php and pdf creation code.

The page size, orientation etc are all contained within the template.

Once a template is created it is only a matter of uploading it and it appears in the list of possible template choices making sharing of templates alot easier.


For those who have tried to modify pdf creation code on any of the other pdf creation contributions I have made life a bit easier. I have created a grid overlay to turn on during template testing with x and y values listed for easier layout control. Working out where x and y is can be painfull otherwise.


I modified the pdf class to add rounded rectangles to give invoices a more professional look. The templates allow you to add watermarks and logos in the form of jpg images and there is example templates with images included showing these ideas in practice.


So anyone wanting to test the above and preferably a few with php skills send me a pm and I will send you this beta version of the all in one Batch Print Center.




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