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Feedback on this CCGVDC bugfix...

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Hi there!


I noticed after installing the very excellent CCGVDC (gift vouchers) mod that when you send a gift voucher from the admin section and your oSc is set to use search engine friendly URL's that the gift voucher redeem link in the email they get doesn't work!


Further poking around pointed to a comma in the URL after 'gv_no' that looks to me like it should be a forward slash (as it is in other URLs) in the following line of admin/gv_mail.php.


$message .= HTTP_SERVER  . DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'gv_redeem.php' . '/gv_no,'.$id1 . "\n\n";


changed to:


$message .= HTTP_SERVER  . DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'gv_redeem.php' . '/gv_no/'.$id1 . "\n\n";



Changing this over fixes the URL in the email, but being a bit of a n00b I wanted to check that this wasn't likely to cause problems with the SE friendly URL's before posting a "fixed" (?) file in the official contribution thread.



So... does this look right to everyone else? Are commas necessary for SE friendly URLs? If all looks OK I'll go ahead and post the bug fix, otherwise feel free to let me know!



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