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Mark Evans

Attributes System

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new on this forum (but not to OsC) just wanted to share my opinion on the attributes mater.

There are many add ons and improvements availeble like the attribute sets easy to add to multiple products or ad text field / date field.


but why not go back to the basics.


as online shoppers don't like to read (most) and get guided trough the shop (step one, step two, etc)


so is it not posible to make the atributes in the same maner as the products them selves ?


example: catagory will become the atribute group or name

and the product will become the actual atribute.

(so using a rebuild of categories.php from admin)



make it so that they first have to click on buy this product and then get the extra screen for that products attributes (if any)


this manner the stock tracking has been solved as you would create a attribute like: Large Blue or medium blue or small red, etc.


Hope I was of help

friendly greetings from Lanzarote


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