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Contribution Installation Order

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I have a fresh download of oscommerce 2.2MS2 and would like to install a few contributions


Admin with Levels...

Hidden Products...

Groups Discount

Add Client from Admin

VIP Clients


I've tried various ways and made changes where needed with Beyond Compare, but that hasn't worked, some fields disappear or not show at all, I'm pretty sure its just to do with the order I'm doing things :)


So can someone (or a few people for comparison on what everyone thinks) tell me which order to install them before I upload or better to install fresh and go from there?


Thanks in advance :D


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i might be interested in the "add client from admin" contribution..

does someone know if there is a contribution for that?

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It shouldn't matter which order you install them in - - if the contrib installation instructions are not good enough to tell you where to put what, then try WinMerge. I haven't used Beyond Compare for a while, but I have been very happy with WinMerge (free).


Have you been successful with *any* of the contrib installations? What are you using to edit the files? Be sure NOT to use the osC build-in file manager. Download the files via FTP, edit them, then re-upload them.





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