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Batch Order Center not sending emails

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Hi all,


I recently installed the Batch Order Center Contrib and it seems to work fine

except for the notifying of customers of the order update status.


We use Sendmail not SMTP although we can use either, the reason we don't use

SMTP is that it can only send one message at a time so we have found sendmail



If I switch over to SMTP it seems to work fine but I can only do one order at a time as the SMTP Script reports the old "cannot redefine class" when it tries

to do the second order, this (as far as I know) has always been a problem with SMTP even when sending newsletters under admin.


If I use send mail (which I know can send batches of emails) will not email

the customers as all, it does not seem to do anything not even an error for the last few days we have been using it and assuming the orders updates were going out but they have not so we are back to updating the status one by one.



Any help would be great!!




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