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The Doors are Finally Open!!!

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Hey thanks for the post.. I checked out the shipping page and it seems to be working just fine on my end...


We have also processed a few sales this week which leads me to believe it is working...


I would appreciate if you or someone else would check it out again to verify it is on your end.. What browser are you using and operating system???


As for the marketing.. yes I have a few ideas on that...


First and foremost it is extremely important to make sure you are targeting the RIGHT keyword PHRASES for your site...


For instance... my site sells pet supplies and pet supplies is by far the biggest keyword phrase... but variations of it also yield good traffic and are sometimes easier to obtain beter/quicker results using them... Variations would be like this: discounted pet supplies, online pet supplies, pet supplies for dogs, etc etc...


A great tool to use to figure out which keywords yeild the best results is http://www.wordtracker.com -> the reason to use this is simple.. it tells you not only variations of keywords/phrases.. but how many requests on that keyword phrase were made in the past 60 days...


This is very useful... If oyu capture the top 1-5 spot in any search engine for a keyword phrase thats awesome.. but if it only gets 3 or 4 requests every 60 days... well.. your traffic will reflect it.. (or lack of traffic that is.. )


Also.. I would strongly suggest that once your site is index with the major search engines.. I would read up on and participate in LINK PURCHASING.


This in a nutshell means that you purchase links to your site from various sites that have a lot of pages and a decent PR (page rank) score. It use to be thought that you only wanted to have PR 5's or higher linking to you.. but that just isnt the case... PR1's, 2's 6's etc etc are all great! The more Sites that link back to you the better... Also a very important note... you should try to purchase links that are associated with your site... so I have a pet supply store.. my link purchases should be with sites that involve pets or animals... (they dont ALL have to be this way...) but it makes for a stronger case to the search engine gods that your site is important in that field...


Anyhow.. hope my rambling helped a little...


Best regards!

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This in a nutshell means that you purchase links to your site from various sites that have a lot of pages and a decent PR (page rank) score.


That's an interesting one. You mean people actually sell links :'(

What have I been missing all this time?


Now that's something I've never come across. So far people I know always either give them away or refuse to link to you at all.


No I tell a lie. I came across a site last week - it was called somethiing like theukhighstreet. It seemed to be a shopping directory that had an excellent PR. At least for the home page :-). It wasn't expensive either for a year's liink. I thought about it only in terms of traffic and couldn't decide. Based on the page rank as well it should be worthwhile!

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I tried again today, and the checkout is working fine now. I'm not sure what was wrong when I tried last week. Thanks for your advice on marketing. I have been using overture and google for keyword pay-per-click, but I had not heard of the link purchasing. I'll have to check it out. Thanks and good luck! :D



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Google finally updated the PR ratings for sites and we started off with a PR4...

not too shabby all things considered... I also noticed an increase to our daily traffic log and I am seeing a lot of spider activity which is always good...


Anyhow.. thanks again to everyone that helped me out along this journey...


This forum is great! :thumbsup:

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Well seems like the marketing efforts for A Plus Pets are paying off!


Link Score: 44,488

(Alltheweb 12,700, AltaVista 12,900, Google/

AOL 260, HotBot 66, MSN 5,862, Yahoo! 12,700)


Saturation Score: 3,536

(Alltheweb 29, AltaVista 32, Google/AOL 857, HotBot 1,

MSN 2,592, Yahoo! 25)


The best part is this... we struck oil on MSN...

if you do a search on MSN for pet supplies (over 13 mil references to that keyphrase through MSN) and we are 1st page 4th site!


71% of our search engine traffic is now coming from that search phrase... weeeeeeee


We also started to see some traffic from the key phrase dog supplies

Looks like MSN has us on page 2 for that one... hopefully we can move it on over to the first page...


Anyhow.. just wanted to give an update on the progress of the marketing efforts.

(!) also... for those wondering.. we spent $0 with any of the search engines to get these results!!!


Best regards

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it looks fine to me, well done... that must have set you back hours. nice layout, all the pictures in all the right places.

Upon receiving fixes and advice, too many people don't bother to post updates informing the forum of how it went. Until of course they need help again on other issues and they come running back!


Why receive the information you require in good faith for free, only to then have the attitude to ignore the people who gave it to you?


There's no harm in saying, 'Thanks, it worked'. On the contrary, it creates a better atmosphere.



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MSN is still favoring us over the other search engines.. we are seeing traffic from all three.. but MSN after they did their relaunch of their site has really set the numbers apart...


Is anyone else seeing simular results?


Here is a snapshot of the top 10 keyphrases being used to access us...

53 different keyphrases Percent of Traffic


pet supplies 76.8 %

pet supplies plus 6.1 %

fish tank accessories 1.8 %

pets plus 1.3 %

pet goods 0.9 %

vo-toys 0.9 %

pet plus 0.7 %

pet supply plus 0.5 %

ft.lauderdale fish tanks 0.5 %

pet supplies biotin 0.5 %

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