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Product Attributes Pricing adding more cost.. HELP

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Hello all, I am having a bit of a deal with my product options


I am selling shirts and here is what keeps happening:


I assign the attributes to a single item -



Long Sleeve T-shirt

Sweat Shirt

Hooded Sweat Shirt


Next because of price difference: I add



Long Sleeve T-shirt (+5.00)

Sweat Shirt (+10.00)

Hooded Sweat Shirt (+15.00)


Now the problem is when I go to the store and make a purchase on the T-shirt that has absolutely no additional cost associated to it goes up by $10

and the other items price our weird as well any ideas. ( I do have the contribution Master Products installed) and may just use the slave option but I was kinda just seeing

how I could just do this at this time to get things rolling.


any suggestions ?




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